E-goods Order Processing Routine

Learn how to process orders with digital products and check the files availability.

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The store administrator can adjust the order processing routine steps for digital product orders when configuring the "E-goods" add-on.

Show Only ESD Related Fulfillment Statuses

The setting "Show only ESD-related fulfillment statuses" can be used to limit the set of fulfillment statuses that the store should operate.

Due to the specifics of the electronic delivery of such goods to the buyer, any statuses related to packaging, handling, and shipping of an order will not be applicable for e-goods. Suppose all products in the store catalog are e-goods, and there are no tangible goods that require shipping. In that case, the store administrator may consider switching to the E-goods order fulfillment model with just three statuses (New, Delivered, and Will not deliver). You can find more info on X-Cart order statuses here.

Approve Orders Before Providing Access to Download

The setting "Approve before providing access to download" can be used by the administrator to specify whether they want to include an additional step into their order processing routine for e-goods so they can review the order before the buyer gets their download link.

If the administrator does not feel they will need to do a manual review of every order containing e-goods, they may choose to disable the "Approve before providing access to download" option. In this case, a buyer ordering a digital product will get a download link after the order has been paid (technically, as soon as the order payment status has been set to "Paid"). The initial order fulfillment status, in this case, will be "New." The store administrator will then process the order the usual way, updating the order payment and fulfillment statuses as they require. For example, after completing an order, the store administrator may choose to set the order fulfillment status to "Delivered."
On the contrary, if the administrator wants to check into the details of every e-goods order they receive before allowing buyers to download products, they will need to enable the "Approve before providing access to download" option. In this case, a buyer who orders a downloadable product will not get the download link right away. Instead, the order will be automatically assigned the fulfillment status "Waiting for approve."

When the store administrator gets an order with the fulfillment status "Waiting for approve," they will need to review it and decide whether they want to approve it or not.

The administrator will need to switch the order's fulfillment status to any other than "Will not deliver to approve the order." The buyer can access the download link if the order has been paid (the order payment status is "Paid").

If the administrator chooses not to approve the order, they will need to switch its fulfillment status to "Will not deliver." In this case, the buyer will not get access to the download link.

Manage Attachments Statuses for Customers

In the store's Admin area, the order details page for orders containing e-goods has a special tab - "E-goods."

The controls available via this tab enable the administrator to check and, if necessary, update the status of the file attached to a digital product.

For example, the administrator can check whether the file is currently available for download. They can also check the number of file download attempts left or the time left until the link expiration.
The administrator can use the buttons provided on the tab.

  • The "Block" button discontinues access to the file for a buyer.

  • The "Renew" button resets the link TTL and available downloads number for the buyer.

    The link's TTL and downloads count are automatically re-adjusted to the default values specified on the E-goods add-on settings page; the link is automatically re-sent to the buyer.

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