After the File Attachments add-on has been installed and enabled, it becomes possible to add and maintain attachments via the Attachments tab of a product details page in the store's Admin area.

To attach a file to a product:

1. In your store's product list (Catalog -> Products), locate a product for which you need to add an attachment and open its details.

2. In the Attachments tab, click the Add file button:

3. Select the file source. You can upload files from your local computer, your local server, or via an external URL.

4. Upload a file following the steps provided on the screen. The file will be added to the list of attachments for the product:

5. Adjust the attachment settings as you require.

  • Add more than one attachment for a single product. Use the Add file button for this purpose.

  • Change the title and description of your attachment. Click anywhere within the respective fields, and they will become editable.

  • Change the attachment file (or the location of the file). Then, use the […] icon to access the respective menu.

  • Delete the attachment using the Trash icon.

  • Use the Download (“down arrow”) icon to download the attachment file.

  • Use the Membership dropdown to specify the membership-based group of customers who should access the file.

  • Drag-n-drop attachments to sort the display order.

6. Click Save changes to save any changes to the attachment details you have made.

When you clone a downloadable product, the contents of the Attachments tab of the product from which a clone is created are copied to the clone product. As a result, you get two products using the same file attachment(s).

If necessary, you can then edit the file attachments for the clone product (replace the files, adjust the Free / Paid access settings, adjust the availability of the files to different membership levels, and the like), or keep the original files and their settings if you wish to re-use them. For information on product cloning, see the section Cloning Products.

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