If you need to create a new product in your X-Cart store and know that you already have a similar product in your store catalog, you can create a new product by cloning the existing one.

To create a product by cloning:

1. Go to your store's Admin area's product listing page and find the product you would like to use as a basis for the new one. Select this product by placing a checkmark opposite its name in the first column of the product list. If necessary, you can clone several products at once.

2. Choose to clone the selected product(s) with the Clone selected tool.


3. When prompted, confirm your intention to clone the selected product(s).

The store will create an exact copy of the product selected at the previous step (exact in everything but the product name and SKU; the name and SKU will be generated based on the original SKU with the addition of “-clone-N”, where N is the clone number id).


4. Edit the information of the clone product as you require.

5. Save the changes.

If you selected multiple products at Step 2, the resulting clone products would be shown to you as a list on a separate page. You will be able to edit and save each of them separately. Note that you can access the page with your clone products at any time via the “Cloned products” page of your store Admin area (Catalog > Cloned products).


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