Creating a New Product

Learn how to add a new product to your store manually via the store Admin area.

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NOTE: Products in an X-Cart-based store can be created manually, by import, or by creating copies of existing products (see cloning).

โ€‹This article is about manual product creation.

To create a product manually, you need to specify its details using a special section in your store's Admin area. Of all the product details, only the product name is required. The rest of the product details can be configured later on.

To add a new product:

  1. Click the Add product button on the products listing page in your store Admin area (Catalog > Products > All Products).

    The product details page opens.

  2. Complete the fields on the product detail page. See the Product Details guide for a detailed explanation of all the product page fields.

    NOTE: The page contains many fields, but you do not have to define all of them at the moment. The only required field is the Product name, i.e., you only have to provide that value, whereas the rest of the product fields may be configured later.

  3. To save the product information you have provided, click Add product at the bottom of the page. The new product will be saved.

If necessary, you will be able to find this product on the product listing page (Catalog > Products) to do further editing or to specify some advanced product settings (See the Advanced Product Details guide for more info).

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