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Lean how to configure and use the Tax Exempt add-on in your online store.

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The Tax Exempt add-on by X-Cart makes it possible to add tax exemptions for certain groups of customers and particular products.

To start using the add-on, install it as described in Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

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Tax-Exempt Customers

The Tax Exempt add-on adds a field at checkout where a buyer can specify their tax number to get tax exemption:

By default, the field name is "Tax Number." However, a store admin can change the field name if required using Labels Editor.

Once a tax number has been added, it is stored in the Tax number field in the customer's profile and can be viewed both by the customer (My Account -> Address Book) and a store admin (Users -> Users List -> Profile -> Address Book):

  • Customer profile in the Admin Area

  • Customer profile in the storefront

To enable tax exemption for a customer, a store admin needs to enable the "Tax exempt" option in the customer's profile details (Users -> Users List -> Profile):

If you need to prevent your tax-exempt customers from changing their tax numbers without your knowing, disable the "Allow customers to modify their tax number after tax exemption is enabled" option on the Tax Exempt add-on settings page.

Once the "Allow customers to modify their tax number after tax exemption is enabled "option is disabled, any tax-exempt customers will not be able to change their tax number at checkout. The Tax number field will be disabled for them, and only a store admin will be able to change it in the Address Book on the customer profile page (Users -> Users List).

Tax-Exempt Products

The Tax Exempt add-on allows a store admin to make products tax-free if required.

To specify that a specific product is tax-free:

  1. Locate the product in question on the product list page (Catalog -> Products).

  2. Open the product details page.

  3. Enable the Tax Exempt option in the Prices & Inventory section:

  4. Click Update product.

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