Checkout logos represents a collection of logos of payment methods accepted by your store and security certificates that are supported. This image displays in the checkout header section.

Important: This feature was introduced in X-Cart 5.3.3 and is not supported in earlier X-Cart versions. Starting with X-Cart version, the checkout logo image has been commented out from the template code and is now available as an opt-in solution. If you want to enable this image, edit the template skins/customer/layout/header/ removing the {# and #} marks from the lines 8-10.

You can customize the checkout logo image to show something else by following these steps:

  1. First, install and enable the add-on ThemeTweaker.

  2. Prepare the image you require. The image must have a PNG format.

  3. Place the image to the following file path:
    <X-Cart Dir>/skins/theme_tweaker/customer/images/checkout_logos.png

That’s it! The new image will substitute the default one. This modification will be preserved during software updates. To revert the changes, delete the image you have added.

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