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Learn how to change product tabs displayed on the product details page in the storefront.

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For the convenience of locating and viewing information on the product pages of your store catalog, the page design provides some product information tabs. In the screenshot below, you can see the following page tabs:

  • Description;

  • Specification;

  • Reviews.

There is an X-Cart add-on that can be used to extend the set of page tabs available on product pages by adding custom tabs of your own; it also allows you to manage any existing product page tabs. The name of the add-on is "Custom Product Tabs", and it may already be enabled in your store. If not, you can enable it using the My Apps page of the store Admin area.

For example, here is what the product page tabs may look like with the add-on "Custom Product Tabs":

In the screenshot above, you can see the following tabs:

  • Description;

  • Specification;

  • Reviews;

  • Shipping info;

  • Payment methods;

  • Return policy.

Product page tabs can be global or product-specific. Global tabs are literally what their name suggests: they are tabs that are available globally and can be used by any product in the catalog - unless the seller specifically chooses not to use them for certain products. Product-specific tabs are tabs configured at the level of specific products, and they apply only to those specific products.

It so happens that all of the tabs shown in the screenshot above are global tabs. The first three tabs ("Description", "Specification" and "Reviews") - along with the tab "Comments" (not shown here) - are the global tabs that are available by default; they can be hidden, if necessary, but they cannot be edited or deleted. The rest of the tabs are part of the "Custom Product Tabs" add-on demo data; if you find them in your X-Cart store, you may freely edit or delete them according to your business needs.

Read on for information about the management of product page tabs:

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