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Managing Product-Specific Product Tabs (X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier)
Managing Product-Specific Product Tabs (X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier)

Learn how to create new and change existing product-specific product tabs.

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The "Custom Product Tabs" add-on allows managing the product tabs displayed on a per-product basis in the storefront.

You can maintain the product tabs locally in the "Tabs" tab of a product's details.

Local Management of Global Product Tabs

The product details page allows you to enable/disable, reorder and delete existing global product tabs locally on a per-product basis.

  • To enable/disable a product tab, use the ON/OFF toggle in front of it.

  • To reorder product tabs, use the "Cross" icon to drag-n-drop the tab to the correct position.

  • To delete a product tab, use the "Trash" icon opposite it.

Click the "Save changes" button when you are done. Your changes will apply only to the product you edited.

Be warned that editing global product tabs properties on the product details page will automatically apply changes storewide.

Creating Product-Specific Product Tabs

To create a product-specific product tab:

  1. Locate a product on the product listing page and open the product details page as described here.

  2. On the "Tabs" tab, click the "New tab" button.

  3. On the page that opens, specify the tab name, content, and brief info (if applicable).

  4. Click "Create" to save the tab and continue editing it.


    Click "Save and close" to save the tab and return to the "Tabs" tab of the product details page.

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