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Learn how to enable products backorder in your store.

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The add-on Backorder/Preorder enables you to allow your customers to order products that are not in stock at the moment.

To install the add-on, follow the steps described in Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

After the add-on installation you will find a new option in the "Prices & Inventory" section of the product details page - the option to enable backordering for products:


More info on the editing of product details is available here.

If you enable the "Available for backorder" toggle, you can specify the backorder promo that the customers will see for this product and, if applicable, can set the maximum number of items for backorder:


The text of a backorder promo will be displayed in product lists and on the product page when the product is out of stock. It is also possible to insert the number of units available for backordering in the text using the %number% placeholder, where %number% will be automatically substituted by the maximum backorder quantity specified.

  • Product details page

  • Product listing page


You can add a backorder option for products on a per-product basis by enabling the "Available for backorder" option on the product details page or for more than one product at a time by importing the required field values.

The backorder-related fields in a CSV file are as follows:

  • vailableForBackorder;

  • backorderQtyLabel;

  • isBackorderLimited;

  • backorderLimit.

A sample products.csv file may look as follows:


For a detailed description, please refer to CSV import: Products.

All backorder products are recorded in the "Backordered products" section in the admin area (Orders -> Backordered products), where a store admin can trace the required amount:


Also, all orders with the backorder products get a special fulfillment status - "Backordered" so that a store admin can differentiate such orders and give them his particular attention on the order listing page (Orders -> Orders list):


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