If you are using contract shipping services, you will need to “transmit” your created shipments from time to time. The step of transmitting shipments needs to be performed when you created a shipment and are ready to hand it over to Canada Post. Transmitting shipment triggers billing and sends shipping info to Canada Post.

Please only transmit shipments if you are sure they have been configured, packaged, and labeled correctly; you will not be able to void a shipment after it has been transmitted.

Here’s how you transmit shipments:

Once you created a new shipment by clicking the Create shipment button on the order details’ Shipments tab, the Transmit shipment button becomes available beneath the Shipping info section. Hit it, confirm the action, and the shipment will be transmitted.


Once a shipment has been transmitted, manifests info is added to a special Manifests section opposite the Shipping info section.


Here you can see the ID of the manifest that included the shipment. The “Document: Artifact” link allows you to save and print out the manifest without going to the CanadaPost manifests page.

A manifest is required so that Canada Post will bill you properly and readily accept your shipments.

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