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Integrating Your Store with ShippingEasy
Integrating Your Store with ShippingEasy

Learn how to configure the ShippingEasy add-on in your store.

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DEPENDENCIES: X-Cart's ShippingEasy add-on requires SEO-friendly URLs for correct operation. Be sure to enable SEO-friendly URLs at your X-Cart store before you proceed.

To integrate your X-Cart store with ShippingEasy, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the My Apps page of your X-Cart store Admin area (App Store -> My Apps) and make sure the ShippingEasy add-on is installed and enabled.

  2. Сlick the Settings link for ShippingEasy. You should now see the ShippingEasy add-on settings page:


  3. At the top of the ShippingEasy add-on settings page, you should see a link that says, "View details and get your API credentials here."

    If you do not yet have an account with ShippingEasy, click here to sign up.

    For detailed information on creating a ShippingEasy account, see the How to create a ShippingEasy account guide on the ShippingEasy website.

  4. To complete the integration of your X-Cart store with ShippingEasy, you will need access to both your X-Cart store's Admin area and your ShippingEasy account settings, so be sure to keep both sites open in your web browser tabs.

  5. Add your X-Cart store to the list of stores in your ShippingEasy account:

    Skip this step if you have already configured your X-Cart store's settings in ShippingEasy during registration.

    • In the Settings section of your ShippingEasy account, click on the Stores link under Integrations:

    • Click the "+ Add New "button on the right-hand side of the screen:

      You will see a screen to provide the details of your X-Cart store:

    • From the Platform drop-down box, select X-Cart. Then, in the Store URL field below, enter your X-Cart store's URL.

    • Click Save.

    • Enter the required store settings and click Save at the bottom of the page. ShippingEasy will create an entry for your X-Cart store in the stores' list:

  6. Configure the ShippingEasy add-on in X-Cart:

    • From the details of your X-Cart store in ShippingEasy (Settings > Stores), copy the Store API Key:

    • Switch back to the browser tab where you use X-Cart and paste the value you have just copied into the Store API Key field on the ShippingEasy module configuration page.

    • Back in the browser tab with ShippingEasy, click on the Settings tab, then click on the API Credentials link under Account Settings:

      Your API Key and API Secret will be displayed:

    • Copy and paste these values one by one into the API Key and API Secret fields on the ShippingEasy add-on settings page in your X-Cart store.

    • If you are a third-party developer using a staging ShippingEasy account, select the Staging account option on the X-Cart's ShippingEasy add-on settings page. For production use, leave the Staging account check box unselected.

    • Click the Apply changes button at the bottom of the ShippingEasy add-on settings page in X-Cart to save the module configuration.

  7. Make sure the ShippingEasy add-on is enabled.

That is all!

You have completed integrating your X-Cart store with ShippingEasy. The next step will be to map your X-Cart order statuses to order statuses in ShippingEasy, after which the add-on will be fully ready to use.

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