After connecting your store to Shopper Approved, you can proceed with the review forms configuration on the Shopper Approved page of your store's Admin area (Content -> Shopper Approved).

This page provides two forms for configuration:

  1. Product and Category pages


    On the Product and Category pages tab, you can configure the following settings:

    • Use Shopper Approved widget instead of the default one: If this option is enabled, the widget will display the reviews submitted via the Shopper Approved add-on only; any reviews submitted earlier will not be available to customers.

    • Star size: Regular/Big

    • Maximum number of reviews to display: Specify the number of reviews you require (from 3 to 20).

    • Date format: Select the date format you require.

    You can find more settings affecting the reviews on your store's product and category pages in the Product -> Code section of your Shopper Approved dashboard at "Step 2. Select Your Options".


  2. Merchant Review Survey


    The Merchant Review Survey tab of the Shopper Approved section of your store's Admin area enables you to control the brief survey options you can add to your customers' thank you page. Depending on your business needs, the survey can be enabled or disabled. It is also possible to specify whether comments should be mandatory.

    You can find more survey-related settings in the Merchant -> Surveys section of your Shopper Approved dashboard. For example, you can specify a period in days for a follow-up email with a link to the survey sent to customers who completed checkout at your store.


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