Connecting X-Cart to Shopper Approved

Learn how to install and configure the Shopper Approved Reviews add-on.

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Before you start using the add-on, you need to connect your X-Cart store to the Shopper Approved service.

You can do this using the add-on settings page that you can access from the My Apps section of your store's Admin area (App Store -> My Apps):

The Shopper Approved settings page offers a store admin to sign up for Shopper Approved (if no account has been registered so far) or connect to Shopper Approved manually with an existing account.

  1. If you do not have a Shopper Approved account yet:

    • Hit Sign Up.

    • Check the data in the pop-up. X-Cart will autocomplete the fields in the form based on your Store Profile data.

    • Click Sign Up.

      The system will automatically create a Shopper Approved account for you, email you the account credentials, and link your X-Cart store to Shopper Approved by submitting your Shopper Approved Site ID, API Token, and domain to X-Cart.

      The credentials to access the Shopper Approved dashboard will be sent to the main store administrator email address as configured via the Site administrator emails setting in the Contact information section (Store Setup -> Store Profile) of your store's Admin area.
      ​Make sure you defined the admin email address correctly; otherwise, you will not be able to get your Shopper Approved dashboard credentials.

  2. If you have an existing Shopper Approved account:

    • Click the button 'Connect with existing account';

    • Fill in the fields in the pop-up:

      • ShopperApproved Site ID: Get this info in the ShopperApproved Dashboard -> User Info section

      • ShopperApproved API Token: Get this info in the ShopperApproved Dashboard -> User Info section

    • Click Save changes to submit the settings.

When your store is connected to Shopper Approved, you can move on with the review forms configuration.

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