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Submitting Data Feed to Shopper Approved
Submitting Data Feed to Shopper Approved

Learn how to submit product reviews from X-Cart to Shopper Approved dashboard

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Since Shopper Approved uses the Google feed data format, you will need to install and enable the Google Product Feed add-on and generate a data feed using it.

To generate a data feed, use the "Generate a feed and sync the settings" link on any Product Review add-on related page in your store's Admin area:

  • The add-on settings page

  • Product and Category pages

  • Merchant Review Survey page


The data feed will be automatically imported to Shopper Approved, and you will be able to find a link to your feed in your Shopper Approved account by navigating to Product Integration under Setup on the “Enter Your Product Feed” section. You can find that page within ShopperApproved.


Once the Google Shopping feed has been submitted to Shopper Approved, you will be able to collect product reviews. Once product reviews begin coming in, you will be able to manage them further in the ShopperApproved dashboard.


The products list will be updated automatically every time you re-generate the Google feed in X-Cart.

Provided a customer survey has been enabled in the add-on settings, your store will prompt your customers to provide feedback after placing an order. They will see a pop-up screen on the order confirmation page in the storefront, where they will rate their customer experience and answer the survey questions about their shopping experience.


It is also possible to leave feedback on a product directly on the product details page in the storefront. For example, a buyer can use the Write a Review button on the product reviews widget for this purpose:


All reviews are published in the Reviews tab of the related product details page.

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