Request For Price Storefront Routine

Learn how hidden prices will look for a customer and how to send a price request.

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When you hide prices in your store, a product listing page in the storefront will display products for all customers as follows.

The "Request for price" button will appear when hovering a mouse over a product.

You can also see this button on the product details page.

When clicking the "Request for price" button, a customer is redirected to the "Contact Us" page.

Here, the customer can use the filled-in form to inquire about the product price. It will only be required to specify the name and email for guest customers there. The registered customers will have all fields filled in. If necessary, the sender can edit the default message title and text.

A store owner will receive the product price request on the email specified as a HelpDesk/Support service email in the store profile or any other email configured for the Contact Us add-on.

The email will contain a direct link to the product requested.

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