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Stores connected to X-Payments Cloud can be configured to use payment processing via Authorize.Net.

Authorize.Net Features




Supports transactions of 'Sale' type (Authorization and capture actions are completed simultaneously at the time of payment processing)



Supports transactions of 'Auth' type (An authorization hold is placed on the amount approved by the buyer to ensure the availability of funds for capture)



Allows capturing the previously authorized amount (The authorized amount is moved from the buyer's account to the account of the merchant)


(Partial transactions supported)


Allows removing an authorization hold from the buyer's account by the merchant



Allows issuing refunds (The money is returned to the buyer's account)


(Partial and multiple transactions supported)

Get Status

Can provide information about the status of a transaction to X-Payments Cloud


Get Card

Can provide new/updated information about a saved credit card. For example, if a credit card gets re-issued, it is possible to get the renewed expiration date. If any other information changes, like the credit card number or the billing address, it is possible to access this updated credit card information as well.



Allows accepting transactions with a higher likelihood of risk



Allows rejecting transactions with a higher likelihood of risk



Can test whether the merchant account details entered in X-Payments Cloud are valid


3D-Secure via
Cardinal Commerce

Supports 3-D Secure payer authentication via Cardinal Commerce. Best for PSD 2 in the European Union.



Supports tokenization (Allows billing a customer's credit card again - without X-Payments Cloud storing cardholder data).


Account Updater

Supports Account Updater service


Apple Pay

Supports Apple Pay


Google Pay

Supports Google Pay


Other payment methods supported by X-Payments Cloud are listed in the section X-Payments Cloud: Supported Payment Methods.

Configure Authorize.Net


  1. You need to have an account with Authorize.Net. Note that if you want to run some test transactions via Authorize.Net before going into production (live) mode, you also need a sandbox account with a separate set of credentials.

  2. You need to have an account with X-Payments Cloud.

  3. Your X-Cart store needs to be connected to your X-Payments Cloud account. The connection can be made using the X-Payments Cloud connector add-on. Detailed information on setting up the connection is available here. Getting Started info for X-Payments Cloud is available here.

To start payment processing via X-Payments-based Authorize.Net integration, complete the steps below:

  1. In your X-Cart store Admin area, go to the Payment Methods page (Store Setup > Payment Methods).

  2. Scroll down the page to find your store's X-Payments Cloud payment method. Click the Configure button for this method.

    The X-Payments Cloud Settings page opens.

  3. Use the Add a payment gateway drop-down selector to select the name of the payment gateway integration you require: Authorize.Net. Click Add.

    The Add new payment configuration page for Authorize.Net opens:

  4. Provide your Authorize.Net account connection details so X-Payments Cloud can connect to your Authorize.Net account for payment processing. Also, specify your payment configuration preferences.

    • API Login ID and Transaction key - These values will have to be obtained from Authorize.Net.

    • Name: The text string entered here will be used as the name to identify the payment configuration in X-Payments Cloud admin panel and the Admin area of your X-Cart-based online store. You can keep the proposed name or choose to change it. For example, if you are going to have more than one payment configuration based on Authorize.Net payment integration - like to process payments in more than one currency - it is best to change the name so you can see which payment configuration you are dealing with without having to open its details. For example, you can use a name like "Authorize.Net - USD" to reflect the name of the currency that is going to be used for payments via this configuration.

    • Sandbox/Production account: Whether you are using Authorize.Net development/sandbox environment or Authorize.Net production environment. The production environment should be selected for real payments (Live mode), whereas the development/sandbox environment should be selected for testing (Test mode).

    • Initial transaction: The mode in which you want the payment transaction to be conducted when someone buys something at your online store: Auth (authorize the payment amount but not capture the funds yet) or Auth and capture (authorize and capture the payment amount at once).

    • CIM payment tokenization and Expanded Credit Capabilities - These values will have to be set in accordance with your Authorize.Net account settings.

    • Order prefix: Your trading name or any other prefix that will help you to identify a payment transaction as originating from this specific online store.

    • Accept currencies: The currencies in which you will be able to accept payments via the payment method based on this payment configuration. By default, this setting is pre-set to All supported (N), which means all the currencies supported by the payment gateway - with the number N specifying the number of currencies. To limit the range of currencies that will be accepted, click on the All supported (N) button, uncheck the Select all box - this will unselect all the selected currencies - and check the boxes for the currencies that you will accept. For the sake of example, we are creating a configuration that will support only the United States dollar; so here we need to disable all the currencies but USD:

    • Credit card types: The credit card types you wish to accept via the payment method based on this payment configuration.

    • Order total limits (Minimum / Maximum): The transaction amount range that you wish to accept via the payment method based on this payment configuration.

    • Cancel not captured: Whether authorizations obtained for payments made in the "Auth" mode should be voided automatically within 30 days of payment if the capture of the funds has not been performed.

  5. After adjusting the payment configuration settings as you require, be sure to click Save to save your changes.

    The payment configuration will be created; a success message will be shown at the top of the screen:

  6. If this is the first real payment processor you have enabled, you will be prompted to set up Two-step user authentication. This step is required for security. Complete Two-step user authentication setup as described in Connecting Your X-Cart Store to X-Payments Cloud.

  7. Once you have configured a method for Two-step user authentication, you will be redirected to the list of your payment configurations. There you should be able to see the Authorize.Net payment configuration you have just added. New payment configurations in X-Payments Cloud are activated upon creation, so your Authorize.Net payment configuration will be active. Note the green button saying "Enabled".

    If you choose to view the details of this payment configuration, you will find the green "Enabled" button there as well.

    You can use this button to temporarily disable the payment configuration. But, of course, for your store to be able to process payments via this payment configuration, the button needs to remain in the Enabled state.

  8. After the creation of your Authorize.Net payment configuration has been completed, you get the ability to adjust some additional settings for it. These settings allow you to specify which services should be available for this payment configuration:

    • 3-D Secure

    • Apple Pay

    • Google Pay

    The group of settings to control the services can be found at the bottom of your Authorise.Net payment configuration details page:

    Before enabling any of the settings, please make sure that they are enabled for your Authorize.Net account.

    Note that Apple Pay and Google Pay are available only on advanced X-Payments plans (100K+ transactions per year).

    Instructions for configuring the services can be found here:

    Authorize.Net is a payment processor that can provide Account Updater service to its customers, and X-Payments supports this feature. If Account Updater service has been activated for your Authorize.Net account, X-Payments will be able to use it. You do not need to do any additional configuration in X-Payments to activate it. For more information, see X-Payments Cloud: Account Updater Support.

  9. After adjusting the service-related settings as you require, be sure to save your changes.

That is it. You have created and adjusted your Authorize.Net payment configuration. Make sure that it is active (enabled). Also adjust your Store Settings. After this, you should be able to successfully process payments with Authorize.Net.

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