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Learn how to edit and publish your store's shipping policy.

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You must inform customers about your store's shipping policy when configuring shipping rates in your online store. You can do this using the built-in Shipping Policy page. Your store provides a ready-made template you can edit and publish for your customers. The content will depend on your business and the laws and regulations in your country.

DISCLAIMER: Although X-Cart has some built-in templates, you're responsible for following your published policies. Review your policies carefully before adding them.

Shipping Policy Page Setup

To edit the Shipping Policy page contents:

  1. Open the Content Pages page of your store Admin area

    • X-Cart 5.4.x - Content > Pages

    • X-Cart 5.5.x - Design > Menus & Pages > Content Pages

  2. Click Shipping to access the page details and edit the contents.

  3. Change the page settings if necessary. See details here.

  4. Click Save to submit the changes.

The store visitors can access the Shipping Policy page from the footer menu in the storefront.

Below is how they will see it.

The page will also be available via the direct link HTTPS://your_store_url/shipping.

Note: You can also add a special note about your store's Shipping Policy to the Shipping Info tab on the product details page. Check more info on the product tabs here.

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