Multipackage Shipping

Learn how to configure multipackage shipping in your online store.

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Usually, shipping costs in X-Cart are bound to the total order weight based on a sum of the individual items' weights, and all items are sent in a single box. If it is necessary to send an item separately from the rest of the order, a store admin can configure the online store to use multipackage shipping. The multipackage delivery cost, in this case, will be calculated as a sum of the costs of all shipments involved.

To split a product into a separate shipment, use the Separate box / Maximum items in box settings on the product details page.

When enabled, the Separate box checkbox adds the possibility to define the box dimensions and the number of items it can contain.

NOTE: The Separate box functionality can't be used to regulate the shipping freight configuration. Suppose you configure a fixed shipping rate for a product. In that case, the shipping total will be calculated depending on the number of items ordered, irrespective of how many items can fit into one box.

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