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Testing Your Store Before Launching
Testing Your Store Before Launching

All the steps required to verify your store works smoothly after the launch.

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So your store is fully set up and ready to take orders. Don't hurry up! Test your store before launching. Place and process some test orders to see how the checkout process works. Check whether the email notifications are working properly. Check the storefront and overall store security.

Placing a test order

The best way to see your customer’s experience is to place a real order, including payment. We recommend setting up a test product with a low purchase price (e.g., $1) so that you can always return the funds to yourself.

To place a test order with a real online payment:

  1. Go to the product listing page in your store Admin area (Catalog -> Products):

  2. Create a product and set the price to $1. Name it Test product, so your customers do not buy it by mistake:

  3. Open your storefront.

  4. Find the Test product and add it to the cart:

  5. Then, enter your real email and click Checkout.

  6. Select the payment method you want to test.

  7. Pay for the order using real payment details.

  8. Check to make sure the order appears in the Orders section of your store Admin area.

  9. Check the order status. It should be Paid for online payment processors.

    NOTE: Check the info on the payment transaction statuses and general order processing in X-Cart that may be helpful.

Suppose everything went fine, congrats! Your store is ready to take orders!

If any issues, contact X-Cart Customer Care for help.

Checking Email Notifications

Your store can detect various types of events and notify users about these events by email. For example, your store sends email notifications when someone creates a user profile at your store, when this profile is modified, when a new order is created, and then every time the order status changes, and so on. Hence it's important to check that all email notifications are sent as they should.

Use the Quick Guide on Email Notifications to make your way easier.

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