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You can configure your X-Cart 5 store to show a section recommending related products (alternatives or additional items) to your customers - the so-called "Related products" block. This feature is available through the add-on Related Products by the X-Cart team. To use the feature, make sure this add-on is installed and enabled.

By using the related products feature, you can:

  • encourage the customer viewing a product to spend more money by buying a more expensive alternative;

  • remind the customer about other popular things in which they may be interested (extensions, accessories, warranties, etc.) or recommend related products from different categories;

  • display recommended items in the "Add to Cart" popup (This requires the add-on "Add to Cart Popup").

Here is an example of a "Related products" block displayed at the bottom of the product page for one of the products in our demo store:

And here is an example of how you can use related products as a source for product recommendations for the Add to Cart popup. Note the items in the "Customers who bought this also bought" section:

(More info on how to enable this feature can be found in the section Add to Cart Popup Add-on)

For more info on the management of related products, see the following sections:

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