To edit price and membership for products in bulk:

  1. Select the products you want to edit using checkboxes on the product listing page of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Products).

  2. Click Bulk edit selected > Price and membership.

  3. In a new window, edit the field(s) for the products:

    • Price: Use this field to specify the product(s) price.

    • Cost price (enabled by the Cost Price add-on): Use this field to specify the product(s) cost price. Read more about this feature here.

    • Market price (enabled by the Market Price add-on): Use this field to determine the product(s) market price. See more info about the market price here.

    • On sale (enabled by the Sale add-on): Use this field to put the product(s) on sale.

    • Sale price: Use this field to specify a sale price (expressed in the store currency) or a discount (expressed as a percentage of the product base price). Read more about sale options here.

    • Memberships: Use this field to ADD, REMOVE, or REPLACE membership for the product(s) (choose the action first, then select the membership value from the list). For more info on memberships in X-Cart, see User Membership Levels.

    • Tax Class: Use this field to set a tax class for the product(s). Read more about tax classes here.

  4. Click Save changes.

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