X-Cart allows setting up product cost prices for automatic margins calculation and generating profit stats reports. This becomes possible with the Cost Price add-on. See general guides on the add-on installation here.

Assign Cost Prices to Products and Product Variants

A product cost price can be configured in the Prices & Inventory section of the product details page.

Specify the value in the "Cost Price" field and click Update product.

For product variants, use the Variants tab of the product details page.

The procedure is the same - set the value in the Cost Price field and click Save changes.

You can configure the cost price for each product variant separately. However, do mind that cost prices assigned to variants will not display on the product listing. The product listing page displays the main product cost price only.

Bulk Edit Cost Prices

It is also possible to assign cost prices and edit their values for multiple products simultaneously.

To do so, select the products you need in the product list in your store's Admin area (Catalog -> Products) and click within the Bulk edit selected drop-down.

Proceed to the Bulk Edit Price and Membership page.

Here, use the Click to specify button opposite the Cost price field, set the value there, and click Save changes. This way, you assign the same cost price to a group of products.

You will see a notification of a successful operation completion shortly after it.

Import Cost Prices

Neither assigning cost prices to single products and product variants via product details nor bulk editing product lists allow specifying different cost price values for multiple products. Importing cost price values makes this task possible.

To import cost prices, use the regular product.csv file. See Importing Product to X-Cart for details.

To update the cost price values, use the costPrice table in the products.csv file.

Statistic Reports

A store automatically generates regular profit reports that are built based on the regular price and cost price diffefrence. The stats data is available on the Statistics page of your store's Admin area (Orders -> Statistics).

Refer to the Gross profit line of the "Order Statistics" table to see your net earnings for different time periods.

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