Adding Categories

Learn how to manually create product categories and subcategories in your online store.

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There are two possible ways to add a category in X-Cart - manual and via import facilities. This article is about manual category creation.

Adding Categories

To add a new category in an X-Cart store catalog:

  1. In the "Categories" section of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Categories), click the "New category" button.

  2. In the field that appears, enter the category name you require.

    You can add as many new categories as you require at a time.

  3. Click "Save."
    The category will be added to the list.

You can now add an image to the category, edit the category details, and populate the category with products.

Adding Subcategories

A category can have subcategories that are created similarly. Subcategories are, in fact, categories of a lower level. You can create subcategories on the Subcategories tab of the category details page with the "New Category" button.

To edit a category/subcategory, click on its name on the listing page and follow the procedures described in Editing Category Details.

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