There are two possible ways to add a category in X-Cart - manual and via import facilities. This article is about manual category creation.

Adding Categories

To add a new category in an X-Cart store catalog:

1. In the Categories section of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Categories), click the New Category button.

2. In the field that appears, enter the category name you require.

You can add as many new categories as you require at a time.

3. Click Save.

The category will be added to the list.

You can now add an image to the category, edit the category properties, and populate it with products.

Adding Subcategories

A category can have subcategories that are created similarly. Subcategories are, in fact, categories of a lower level. Subcategories are created on the Subcategories tab of the category details page with the New Category button.

To edit a category/subcategory, click the category/subcategory name on the listing page and follow the procedures described in Editing Category Details.

Managing Categories/Subcategories Listings

A category listing page of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Categories) allows a store admin to maintain the categories sorting in the storefront, to enable/disable categories, and to delete them completely if required.

The listing page also displays for a category:

  • a clickable number of featured products;

  • a clickable number of subcategories;

  • a clickable number of products in this particular category.

The value in brackets shows the overall number of products in both that category and all its subcategories.

A category listing page in the storefront displays only the products assigned to the category itself but not its subcategories.

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