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General information about category management in an X-Cart store

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Categories allow joining products in groups to make them easier to find and browse for buyers.

You decide what categories you want in your store. For example, you can have categories like:

  • Men, Women, and Kids (for clothing/apparel);

  • New and Used (for cars);

  • Sale (for discounted items), etc.

It does not matter if you create your categories before or after creating your products. You only need to ensure all your products are assigned to proper categories so your customers can easily find them. Each product can be assigned to one or more categories.

After a category is created, it is shown in your online store as a webpage with a gallery of its products and a category banner at the top of the page that can be managed on the category details page in the Admin area. Your customers can then click a product image on the category page to visit the product details page.

The way categories appear on your storefront depends on your store’s theme. Below is how the default categories are displayed on a storefront using the X-Cart CrispWhite skin:

You can manually add and manage categories using the Catalog > Categories section of the Admin area. You also can import categories in bulk to save time.

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