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Newsletters are a valuable marketing tool widely used in e-commerce, as it's an excellent way to reach out to customers and prospects, boost brand awareness, and promote products and services.

If you don't have a newsletter, here are a few reasons you should:


A newsletter allows your company to increase awareness and understanding of your products and services. Newsletter content builds a comprehensive picture. Customers and prospects should get a good idea of how it would be to deal with you or buy your products.


Use newsletters to promote products and services or launch new products. If you get any special deals related to your business via email or have offers that you created, the best way to get them out is to send an email. Don't send advertisements a lot, as that could get people to unsubscribe because they feel they are just getting spammed, and the newsletter is not valuable to them.


Sending newsletters regularly helps you maintain contact with customers and prospects between purchases or sales calls. Your customers are more likely to continue buying from your store or ordering your services and keep on recommending them to friends if you well-inform them. If customers buy your products infrequently, you can maintain contact between purchases, so you build a strong relationship before the next sales opportunity.


A newsletter should showcase what your expertise is and how you can help customers and prospects. The newsletter content should typically provide valuable information to customers and prospects that helped you establish the company as a leader in your industry. When developing leadership, include articles covering essential issues in your market sector and share information on your industry and how you are adapting.

To create a business newsletter, you can use the default X-Cart 5 add-on Newsletter Subscriptions or join an autoresponder business - Mailchimp.

The Newsletters Subscriptions add-on can be used for newsletters as an email base only, as it collects the subscribers' list that you can then export and use for mailing.

Mailchimp integration allows both to automate the email collection and the newsletters sending facilities, but full access to services may require a paid subscription.

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