The "Newsletter subscriptions" add-on enables a sign-up form in the footer of your site, inviting your store visitors to subscribe to your newsletters. The add-on is included in all X-Cart editions and comes preinstalled. If it is not, follow the instructions from Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

The "Newsletter subscriptions" add-on enables a subscription form in the site footer where your site visitors can submit their email addresses to subscribe to your store newsletter.


All email addresses submitted via this form are added to your store’s list of newsletter subscribers available in the Marketing -> Newsletters section of the Admin area, where the administrator can manage them.

If the default "Newsletter subscriptions" add-on is linked to Mailchimp, the subscriber email addresses submitted via the subscription form will no longer be stored in a list within X-Cart. Still, they will be handled via Mailchimp, provided that your X-Cart store is connected to your Mailchimp account via the add-on settings, and the Mailchimp Integration is configured properly.

The Newsletters section of the Admin area allows a store admin to add new emails to the subscription list and export existing subscribers into a CSV file.

To add a new email to the list, click Create button and type in the required email.

To export the subscribers' list, select the required emails from the list and click Export selected: CSV or don’t select anything and click Export all: CSV if you need to export all the emails.

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