Imagine the following situation: A friend of yours wants to write a blog post about your product, and you want to provide them with a special link to include in this blog post. This link will help potential buyers to buy the product in question from your store easily. It should be crafted to redirect to your store upon a click. There they will find the product already added to the shopping cart.

You can easily create the link in question using the following format: http://<your-domain>/<x-cart-5-directory>/cart.php?target=cart&action=add&product_id=[YOUR-PRODUCT-ID]

The part http://<your-domain>/<x-cart-5-directory> will, of course, need to be replaced with the actual address of your store, and the part “[YOUR-PRODUCT-ID]” - with the product ID of the product you wish to market via this sales channel. You can easily obtain the product ID in the store’s Admin area. Just open the product you require and look at the browser address bar; it will look something like this:


In the example URL above, 12345 is the product ID. Please copy and paste it into your hand-crafted link.

For products with variants, it’s recommended to use the Buy Button add-on to generate a link on a particular product variant to be added to the cart.

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