Business Promotion Tools

An overview of the business promotion tools available in X-Cart.

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After launching your online store, you need to promote it to get more sales and turn visitors into repeat customers. A store promotion should be a continuous process based on an effective marketing campaign. Develop a marketing campaign and adhere to it to achieve your goals.

Discounts and special offers can be a powerful marketing strategy for your X-Cart store. There is no limit to the number of discounts and offers you can create using X-Cart discount coupons, volume discounts, and special offers tools.

For many customers, there’s nothing like a good sale. Breed customer loyalty and increase average order value by setting sale prices on individual products.

Reach out to your customers and try advertising via social platforms using X-Cart built-in and integrated tools for email campaigns.

Enable your customers to use wishlists for your customers:

X-Cart user memberships are a good help for marketing your goods and deals to the limited categories of customers.

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