By default, X-Cart allows importing the following data:

Certain X-Cart add-ons installed in your store can extend the default import data type list.


The Orders Import add-on allows you to import the “Orders” data type.

The Product Reviews add-on - the “Reviews” data type.

The Newsletter Subscriptions add-on - the “Subscribers” data type.

The Make/Model/Year add-on - the “Products with Make/Model/Year/Engine” and “Make/Model/Year/Engine” listing data types.

Each data type will require an import file of a special format.

  • products.csv - allows importing products and all related data. The default set of fields can be extended.

  • attributes.csv - allows importing product classes and attributes as database entities. Using this file, a store admin can create attributes of different types and populate a store with them. The file doesn’t allow assigning attributes to products.

  • product-attributes.csv - allows importing product classes and attributes and assigning them to products and can be used to substitute a products.csv file if only the attributes data needs an update.

  • swatches.csv - allows creating color swatches for product attributes. To assign color swatches to attributes, use the related extension field in either attributes.csv or product-attributes.csv.

  • categories.csv - allows importing categories and all related data. The default set of fields can be extended.

  • customers.csv - allows importing user data.

  • orders.csv - allows importing orders' data. The default set of fields can be extended.

  • reviews.csv - allows importing reviews and related data for existing products.

  • mmy-YYYY-MM-DD.csv - allows importing the levels data for the Make/Model/Year add-on.

  • products-mmy-YYYY-MM-DD.csv - allows importing the make/model/year information and assigning it to products. The file can create the make/model/year levels from scratch and assign them to products.

  • newslettersubscribers.csv - allows importing emails and personal data for newsletter subscriptions.

If you are going to import data into X-Cart and do not wish to update certain fields during the import process, you should not include these fields in your CSV file for import. Remove the respective column(s) from the file.

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