After you configured the Make/Model/Year add-on, proceed with the filters setup and assigning the products to match these filters.

To configure the filters:

  1. In your store's Admin area, go to the section Catalog -> Make/Model/Year/Engine.

  2. Add the Level 1 filters.

    • Click on the "New Make" button.

      If you defined the name “Make” for the Level 1 filters, the filters should correspond with the different “Makes” that you have in your catalog.

      If you use a different name for the Level 1 filters, you will see that name instead of “Make.”

    • On the new line that appears, specify the name of the Make (or whatever other filter you are configuring).

    • Add as many filters as you need.

    • Click "Save changes."

  3. Proceed to configure the following filter levels (Level 2, 3, etc.).
    For example, after adding a "Make," you need to add "Models" for that make.
    To do so:

    • Click on the "Manage Model" link opposite the Make name.

    • On the page that opens, click the "New Model" button.

    • Add as many filters at this level as you need.

    • Click Save changes.

      Configuring the filters for Level 3 and Level 4 (“Year,” “Engine,” or whatever other names you are using for them) should be done the same way as for the previous level.

  4. Configure the "Level Info" page as described here.

  5. When you configured the filters of all levels, you will get the link Manage Products.

    Use this link to add products that match the filters when a shopper uses them for product search.

    • If you have populated the store with products:
      - click the ‘Add product’ button;

      - in the pop-up, select the products that match the filters you have configured.

    • If you have not added the products to your store's catalog yet, add them by CSV import.

      For details, see the Make/Model/Year Addon Data Import/Export.

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