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Learn how to configure the advanced SEO settings for the Make/Model/Year add-on in your online store.

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The "Make/Model/Year" add-on introduces specific changes to the Clean URLs structure of your online store. Each filter combination gains a unique extension that adds to a URL in the browser address bar.

To control the Clean URLs format of the "Make/Model/Year" add-on, a store admin must use the [clean_urls] part of the "etc/config.php" file.

; MMYE info page Clean URL's format
; possible values:
; domain/level1/level2/level3/level4
; domain/all_levels_clean_url
; domain/level1/level2/level3/level4.html
; domain/all_levels_clean_url.html
; Changing this setting will not affect existing url's
; and requires to re-deploy your store
mmye_info_clean_urls_format = "domain/level1/level2/level3/level4"

; to define your own alias add line below as:
; target = "clean-url"
shop_by_level1 = "shop-by-make"
shop_by_level2 = "shop-by-model"
shop_by_level3 = "shop-by-year"
shop_by_level4 = "shop-by-engine"

The line that defines the URL format of the "Make/Model/Year" add-on is mmye_info_clean_urls_format = "domain/level1/level2/level3/level4". The default value is domain/level1/level2/level3/level4. If you wish, you can change it to one of the following variants:


You must configure the URLs format right after the add-on settings setup and before proceeding to the filter management.

The default "Make/Model/Year" add-on URL format in X-Cart, and earlier is domain/all_levels_clean_url. This format will stay as-is during the software update.

To change the default URL format, a store admin will need to adjust the contents of the "etc/config.php" file and manually update the Clean URL level properties here.

In case a store admin changes the default level names from Make/Model/Year/Engine to anything different, it will also be necessary to adjust the [clean_urls_aliases] part of the "etc/config.php" file:

shop_by_level1 = "shop-by-make" 
shop_by_level2 = "shop-by-model"
shop_by_level3 = "shop-by-year"
shop_by_level4 = "shop-by-engine"

Here, you will need to edit the lines and change the level names from the default values to the values you defined in the add-on settings, e.g., use "shop-by-<your_level_name>" instead of "shop-by-make."

A store admin can include the unique filter combination into the store pages' URLs if required, using the "Clean URLs" section toggles on the add-on settings page (see details here).

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