Make/Model/Year Add-on Setup

Learn how to install and configure the add-on.

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To start using the Make/Model/Year add-on, ensure that it is installed and enabled. (Depending on the version of X-Cart you are using, see add-on management instructions for X-Cart 5.4 and earlier or X-Cart 5.5).

After the installation, go to the add-on settings page to configure the add-on. You can access the add-on settings page by using one of the following methods:

  • Method 1:
    Click on the Settings link on the add-on card in the My Apps section (Apps > My Apps).

    This opens the Setting tab of the Vehicles & Fitments page:

  • Method 2:
    Go to Catalog > Vehicles & Fitments:

    Then switch to the Setting tab:

You will need to complete the following configuration steps:

Nesting Levels Configuration

First, select how many filter nesting levels you need in your store.

Use the following selector for the purpose:

  • Number of fitment levels: You can select from 2 to 4 filter nesting levels to use in your store. Keep in mind that it will not be possible to skip the setup of a level later. You will need to define the details up to the last level for a product.

Level Properties Configuration

Depending on the number of levels you selected in the previous step, configure the level properties. All in all, you will need to configure from 2 to 4 levels.

Define the following properties for each level.

  • Level name: Use this field to define the name of the filter level.

    The default filter names are preset to Make/Model/Year/Engine, but you can set any filter name you like better instead.

  • Sorting: Select the order to display the level elements.

  • Page display mode: Select how the level name should display on the landing page.

    • Name

    • Logo

    • Logo & Name

  • Show featured block: Enable the toggle if you want to offer your store visitors the possibility to access a level landing page directly from your store's homepage.

  • Block display mode: Select how the featured block info should display on the page.

    • Name

    • Logo

    • Logo & Name

  • Number of items in block: Set the number of positions you want to display.

    Elements will display in the storefront only if they have the "Show on Front page" toggle enabled. See more info in the Filter Levels Setup guide.

General Settings Configuration

After you have configured level properties, continue with the general settings that will apply to the add-on as a whole.

  • Maximum banner width (in case of one image): Set the width of a banner displayed on the Level Info page. The preset value is 500.

  • Maximum banner height (in case of one image): Set the height of a banner displayed on the Level Info page. The preset value is 200.

  • Use separate tab for the fitment on the product page: If enabled, the information on all vehicles using the fitment will display in a custom Fitment tab of the storefronts' product details page. The Fitment tab adds automatically to product details both in the storefront and the Admin area.
    If disabled, the info will display in the main Specification tab.

  • "Your vehicle" filtering mode on catalog pages: Select what products should display in the catalog when a filter is applied:

    • Vehicle Specific Products only: If you select this option, your store will display only the products that fit under a filter set by a customer.

    • Vehicle Specific and Universal Fit Products: If you select this option, your store will display the products that fit under a filter set by a customer AND the products that fit under ALL filters.

    • Vehicle Specific, Universal Fit, and Regular Products: If you select this option, your store will display the products that fit under a filter set by a customer, the products that fit under ALL filters, and other products beyond filters in your store.

  • Reset filter behavior: Choose the preferred site behavior (reload the page or redirect to the homepage) when a customer clicks "Reset filter" in the storefront. The default setting is page reloading.

  • Redirect to the search page if the landing page is not ready (description is empty): If this feature is enabled, a customer will be redirected to the regular store search page in case there is no description for the level info page that matches the customer filter choice (see "Level Info Page Setup" for more info).

Fitment Levels & Clean URLs Configuration

Configure whether the URLs of certain store pages should include the information on the Make/Model/Year add-on filters applied or not.

Clean URLs will differ for the pages with the Make/Model/Year add-on filters applied depending on the toggle status.

For example, if we set the Make/Model/Year filter to Audi A1 (8X), 2011-2015 manufacture year, and 1.4 TFSI 185 engine, the filter URL part will be /audi/a1-8x-/2011-2015/1-4-tfsi-185-/. The store pages' URLs will change as follows:

The Clean URLs format for the Make/Model/Year add-on will also depend on the "etc/config.php" file configuration. Learn more about the Make/Model/Year Clean URLs format here.

Level Info Page View Configuration

The Make/Model/Year add-on settings page also allows configuring the "Level Info" page view.

The section toggles enable additional info blocks to display on the filter landing page (the page with the search results matching the filters), called "Level Info Page." Learn how to configure the general "Level Info Page" representation here.

When you complete adjusting the add-on settings, click the "Submit" button to activate them.

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