When you complete the filter's configuration and assign products to filters, each product gets a new Fitment tab on the product details page in the store's Admin area. This tab records all available filter combinations; for products not fitting any filter, it allows configuring the product fitment type. Product fitments are also displayed on the product listings and details page in the storefront and enable customers to identify whether a product fits their filter choice.

Product Fitments Management

The Fitments tab in advanced product details in the store's Admin area records all filter combinations set by a store admin for a product during the filters setup. This tab also defines a fitment type for products:

  • Regular Product - the default fitment type. All products in the store gain this fitment type after the Make/Model/Year add-on installation. Products of this fitment type will display in search res

  • Vehicle-Specific - the fitment type assigned to products during the Make/Model/Year add-on setup. Products of this fitment type will display in search results depending on a particular filter set.

    This fitment type automatically assigns to a product when a store admin adds it to a filter combination, as described here.

    For any products added later, a store admin either manually configures filter combinations in the Fitment tab of the advanced product details or does it via import facilities for several products at once.

  • Universal Fit - the fitment type assigned manually by a store admin to products that can fit ALL filter combinations. Products of this fitment type will display in search results only for any filter set.

    To make a product universal, a store admin will either manually set the appropriate fitment type in the Fitment tab of the advanced product details or import fitment updates for several products at once.

Storefront Experience

In the storefront, customers can see product fitments on the following pages:

  • Product Listings (category page, brand page, search page)

    The product listing pages display the fitments info only in the List display mode.

  • Product Details

If a customer sets a particular vehicle filter, the product fitment display changes from Vehicle-Specific to "Fits your model" to make a point.

If a customer then clicks the "Fits your model" link, your online store will display the model specification on the product details page:

It displays either in the Fitment or in the Specification tabs, depending on the Make/Model/Year add-on settings.

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