Each level of the Make/Model/Year add-on has a special Level Info page that, if configured, displays on the storefront depending on the selected filters. It is handy if you want to provide your customers with additional information on the vehicle.

A landing page setup starts with the add-on settings page (see Make/Model/Year Add-on Setup for details).

On the add-on settings page, pay special attention to the "Search products" toggle in the "Level info page view" section. If you need the "Level Info" page to display the matching products in the search results, the "Search products" toggle must be turned ON.

To configure an info page for a level:

  1. Open the "Level Info" tab when editing the level properties.

  2. Fill in the fields on the page.

    • Title for customers: Name the page as the customers should see it in the storefront.

    • Banner image: Click on the + (plus) icon to add a banner image from your local computer or via a URL.

    • Content: Add a page description.

  3. Click Save.

If you configure an info page for a level, customers see this landing page when they search through the Make/Model/Year filters in the storefront.

This page will also contain the spare parts list for the vehicle specified by the customer, provided the "Search products" toggle is turned on.

If the Level Info page is not configured for a level, the add-on will display the search results based on the filters specified by a customer.

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