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Learn how to configure additional options for the levels of the Make/Model/Year add-on.

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This guide is a continuation of the Filter Management procedure.

Each level of the Make/Model/Year add-on has a "Level Info" page, where you can provide additional information on the vehicle. To access this page, you need to open the "Level Info" tab when configuring filters for a level.

To add extra information about a vehicle:

  1. Open the "Level Info" tab when configuring filters for a level.

  2. Fill in the fields on the page.

    • Title for customers: Name the page as the customers should see it in the storefront.

    • Logo: Upload a logo to display it in the promo list or on the landing page.

    • Banner image: Click on the + (plus) icon to add a banner image from your local computer or via a URL. The banner will display on the landing page.

    • Description: Add a page description.

    • Clean URL: The field is defined automatically.

      If you later change the default Clean URL format here, you will need to manually update the Clean URL value of the "Level Info" page for each level to match the new URL format.

  3. Click Save.

The information that you add on the "Level Info" page displays for a level in the storefront:

  • Promo Block

  • Landing Page

If the "Level Info" page is not configured, the add-on will display only the search results based on the filters specified by a customer.

When configuring the add-on settings, you can define whether to display certain information from the "Level Info" page (see Make/Model/Year Add-on Setup for details).

On the add-on settings page, pay special attention to the "Search products" toggle in the "Level info page view" section. If you need to display the matching products in the search results, turn ON the "Search products" toggle.

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