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Configuring X-Payments Cloud via X-Cart Admin
Configuring X-Payments Cloud via X-Cart Admin

Learn how to set up X-Payments Cloud payment methods integrated with it in your store's Admin area.

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To configure X-Payments Cloud itself and the payment methods integrated with it, use the X-Payments Cloud admin panel.

The most evident method to access your X-Payments Cloud admin panel is by signing in to your X-Payments Cloud account right from within your X-Cart store (via the same section you used to complete the connection - the one titled "X-Payments Cloud settings"). In this case, the X-Payments Cloud admin panel opens within your X-Cart store Admin area and looks as if it were just another X-Cart settings page.

To access this page, go to your store’s payment methods page (Store Setup > Payment Methods), locate the "X-Payments Cloud" payment method, and choose to configure it:

Alternatively, go to My Apps, find the installed X-Payments Cloud Connector add-on, and choose to view its settings.

When you use the X-Payments Cloud admin panel from within your X-Cart store Admin area, you get access to all the features that you need to get X-Payments Cloud minimally configured and running to accept payments. For access to the extended set of features (like customization of the look and feel of your X-Payments Cloud payment form, management of X-Payments Cloud admin users, etc.) you need to go to the standalone version. (You can access the standalone version via Settings > Advanced; see below for details.)

For navigation around the different sections of X-Payments Cloud, use the Settings menu at the top right-hand corner of the page:

  • General is the section where you can adjust your X-Payments Cloud general settings.

    Detailed information on configuring all the settings in your X-Payments Cloud account is available in the X-Payments Cloud user manual.

  • Payment processing is the section where you manage your X-Payments Cloud payment methods.

  • Advanced is a link that provides a convenient way for you to switch to the X-Payments Cloud standalone admin panel for access to advanced features.

After completing the X-Payments Cloud configuration, make sure your X-Payments Cloud payment method is enabled in your X-Cart store.

This is also possible from your store’s payment methods page:

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