Managing Site Meta Elements

Learn how to configure the meta descriptions and keywords of your online store.

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The relevant website title, meta description, and keywords increase the chance that a user will find your website via search engines like Google. Hence, you must configure these settings properly before launching the store.

Site Metadata Setup in X-Cart 5.4.x

An administrator can set the default site metadata on the SEO Settings page of the store Admin area (Store Setup > SEO Settings). Refer to the General Options section of the General tab.

Here you can define values for the following settings:

  • Default site title

  • Default site meta description

  • Default site meta keywords

To edit the values:

  1. Click on the Pencil icon opposite the setting.

    You will be redirected to the Edit Labels page (Store Setup -> Translations), where you can edit a respective language label in which the value is stored.

  2. Edit the value of the language label as described here.

Site Metadata Setup in X-Cart 5.5.x

For the website metadata setup:

  1. Open the Settings -> SEO page of your store's Admin area.

  2. In the Website tab, define the default site title, description, and keywords.

    The info you add in the fields will dynamically form the search preview below. So you can check what site information will display in search results in real-time.

  3. Check the Page Title Format configuration.

  4. Click Submit to save the settings.

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