A default X-Cart store has one root administrator account created during the software installation process. The root administrator account is usually granted to the store owner by default. When logged in as a root administrator, you can edit this account but cannot disable or delete it.

The root administrator can add other admin accounts with particular roles if necessary. They are typically used to grant specific permissions to the staff so they can perform jobs related to their roles without having the ability to change or edit other parts of your store. A root store administrator and an administrator with administrator management permissions can access any user profile on the user list for viewing/editing. A store administrator with user management permissions can access customer accounts only. Administrators of other roles don't have access to the user list and can only view personal account details.

Depending on the software version you use, your online store will record all admin accounts along with the other user accounts on the Users List or Users page of your store Admin area:

  • X-Cart 5.4.x - Users > Users List

  • X-Cart 5.5.x - Store Management > Users

The list shows the access level of all admin accounts as Administrator, regardless of the role. To see the roles assigned, you need to open the respective account details. They will be listed in the Roles field of the Access Information section.

A root store admin can edit the roles assigned to an account as well as all other account details. They can also edit, disable and delete other root admin accounts. So please use caution when assigning the roles of Administrator or Manage administrators to the admin accounts and granting your store staff such access privileges.

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