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Learn how to configure and maintain return actions.

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The Return Actions page of the Order Returns add-on (Store Setup -> Return Actions) allows a store admin to set a list of possible solutions for the stock return requests from customers. If enabled, customers can select a preferred solution when claiming a return.

Managing the Return Actions List

The preset list of return actions consists of the following options:

  • Send replacement if within the warranty;

  • Repair and ship back;

  • Give me credit for future purchases.

The sorting on the settings page affects the order the options are offered to customers. You can change the sorting by drag-n-dropping.

Also, the list of options includes the "Other" solution enabled by default. This solution allows customers to specify the preferred action in a text area if it is not on the list. If you need to limit return actions to the ones listed on the Return Actions page of the Admin area, enable the "Hide the "Other" return action for customers" setting.

To make all solutions visible to customers, enable the "Allow customer to specify desired action" toggle.

Adding New Return Actions

To add a new return action, click New and specify the solution in the blank line. Then save your changes.

Editing Return Actions

To edit the action properties, click inside the name field of the action in question, edit the details, and save your changes.

Deleting Return Actions

To delete an action, use the Trash icon opposite it. Don't forget to click Save changes to confirm the deletion.

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