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A general overview of the add-on facilities.

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The "Product variants" feature enhances the default product attributes functionality and can be used to add variants to a product and configure each variant to have a different SKU, price, and stock level.

Compared to price and weight modifiers of product attributes, product variants are a more robust admin solution that allows creating variants of a product and selling each variant at a different price (including wholesale pricing) and assigning a unique SKU to each option. The feature also controls the stock level and displays all product options available on the product details page in the storefront. In addition, you can add variants one by one or generate them all automatically and remove those you don’t sell in your shop.

Product variants will override the price and weight modifiers if they have been set up. You cannot use both at the same time.

To make use of product variants, you need to install and activate the add-on Product Variants. Then, you can enhance them with the color swatches functionality that allows displaying variant images and switching between them while viewing a product on the storefront.

Using Variants Table View add-on, it’s possible to display all available product variants with images and prices in a table instead of a drop-down on a product details page on the storefront.

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