Before you start using PIN codes, you need to make sure the PIN Codes add-on is installed and enabled. If it is not, you can obtain the add-on from the X-Cart App Store. See Installing Add-ons from the X-Cart App Store for details.

Once the add-on has been installed, proceed to the add-on setting page to configure it.

The settings page provides the following parameters for adjustment:

  • Show only ESD related fulfillment statuses: If you sell only PIN codes or downloadable products and want to get rid of any fulfillment statuses used for tangible goods but not for PIN codes/e-goods, enable this option. It will disable all the standard X-Cart order fulfillment statuses except for the following three: New, Delivered, and Will Not Deliver. If you wish, you can rename the statuses as you require using the add-on Custom Order Statuses.

  • Approve before providing access: Disable this option if you want the buyer of a PIN code to automatically get the code they have purchased as soon as they have paid for the order. Enable this option if you want all orders for PIN codes to be submitted to you for manual review first so you can approve or forbid access to the codes. In the manual review mode, all PIN code orders will be created with the fulfillment status Waiting for approve. For a buyer to get the code, you will need to change the order fulfillment status to any other status, except for Will not deliver.

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