Creating PIN Code Products

Learn how to create and import PIN codes in your store.

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Creating a product with PIN codes is similar to creating an ordinary product, as described here. The difference is that you must disable shipping for this product and generate PIN codes using the PIN Codes tab of the product details.

Creating PIN Codes

To add an automatic PIN code product:

  1. Create a new product as described here or use an existing one and open the product details page for viewing/modification.

    For the sake of example, we will use a product "License PIN" that will be our PIN code product.

  2. On the Info tab of the product details page, locate the Shipping section and disable shipping for the product.
    Set the "Requires shipping" toggle to NO and click the "Update product" button.

  3. Switch to the PIN Codes tab and turn on the "PIN codes enabled" toggle. It will let you add PIN codes for the product.

  4. Now, you can add PIN codes for the product either manually or automatically. Select one of the following options:

    • Automatically: With this option enabled, your online store will generate a PIN code on demand for each product buyer. The PIN itself will be a 16-digit numeric code.

    • Manually: With this option enabled, you can either define PIN codes manually or import them.

  5. Click "Save changes" to proceed to the PIN code generation.

Setting Manual PIN Codes Values

To specify PIN codes manually:

  1. In the PIN Codes tab of the product details page, click the "Add pin codes" button.

  2. In the popup that appears, add the PIN codes' values.

    You should enter one new PIN code per line. PIN codes max length is 64 characters.

  3. Click Save. The PIN codes will be added to the list.

Importing PIN Codes

X-Cart does not allow creating new products with PIN codes via import. However, you can import PIN code values to existing products if necessary.

To import PIN codes:

  1. Prepare a CSV file to import PIN codes. It should be a simple file with the PIN values like this:

  2. In the Admin's area product list (Catalog -> Products), locate a product with PIN codes and proceed to the PIN Codes tab of the product details page. Then, click "Import from CSV file."

  3. In the popup that appears, choose the CSV file for import.

  4. Click Upload. The PIN code values from the file will be added to the product's PIN list.

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