To start using the add-on, make sure you installed it as described in Installing Add-ons from the X-Cart App Store.

After enabling the add-on, open the settings page to adjust the messages that will display to customers in the storefront and hide prices and checkout from a certain group of users if required:

The add-on settings page allows to configure the following options:

  • Contact channel: Use this dropdown to specify the channel for customers to contact you. Your options are:
    - Email: If you select email, the store's Contact Us page will open for customers to request the price.
    - Phone: If you select phone, customers will see your contact number specified in the Store Profile.

  • Request Price tooltip: This setting defines the text displayed on the tooltip for the table products display mode.

  • Request Price button text (side widgets): This setting defines the text displayed in promotional blocks in the storefront.

  • Request Price button text (center widgets): This setting defines the text of the button that displays for products instead of the Add to cart button in the storefront listings.

  • Request Price text (product): This setting defines the text displayed in the button on the product details page in the storefront.

  • Disable checkout and hide prices from these customers: This setting allows to hide prices for all products in a store at once and close checkout facilities for groups of users.

    Select a predefined customer group in the dropdown to enable the feature for as many user groups as you need. The total amount of groups will depend on how memberships are configured in your store.


After configuring messages, you can enable the "request a price" option for products and product variants to make them visible in the storefront.

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