The add-on Make/Model/Year will serve its best primarily to auto and moto parts sellers. However, other merchants can also benefit from allowing shoppers to find products in their store catalog by year, make, model, or any additional fields configured with the help of this add-on. For example, this approach may be handy if selling things like computers, copiers, smartphones, etc.

You can use the add-on to configure up to four levels of filtering for the inventory.

The filters configured using the Make/Model/Year add-on will show up on all the pages of your online store. A shopper searching for parts for their vehicle will be able to select the make, model, year, and engine they require using the convenient selectors.

The search results will display a list of products matching a particular filter combination.

Note that Make, Model, Year, and Engine are just the names used by default. You can change them as you require and decrease the number of filtering levels in use (e.g., use only three levels instead of four).

The store will "remember" the filter selections for non-registered/non-logged-in visitors and will list them in the My Garage drop-down for customers.

Buyers can save the information about their model in their account profile using the "Add to my garage" checkbox. Next time they shop at your store, they will be able to see the parts for their specific vehicle right away without the need to adjust the filters.

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