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Getting Started with Turn14 Distribution Integration
Getting Started with Turn14 Distribution Integration
Written by Anna “dohtur” Verbichenko
Updated over a week ago

To begin using X-Cart's Turn14 Distribution integration with your X-Cart online store, follow these steps:

  1. Apply to become a dealer with Turn14 Distribution. This will grant you a user account at

  2. Ensure that the add-ons "Turn14 Distribution" and "Split Shipment" are installed and enabled at your X-Cart store. (See add-on management instructions for X-Cart 5.5).

    Note that X-Cart's Turn14 Distribution integration requires a few other add-ons for operation:

    "Auto catalog import" (provides building blocks for catalog provider integrations)

    "Backorder / Preorder" (supports backorder functionality for Turn14 Distribution products)

    The above-named add-ons must be installed and enabled for as long as you will be using the Turn14 Distribution integration.

  3. Ensure that the "Time zone" setting for your X-Cart store has been adjusted properly; it can be found in your store's Localization settings (Store > Localization, Units & Formats tab). For details, see Units of Measure and Date Formats.

    Check with your hosting service provider technical support team that the time zone specified in php.ini in your store's server environment is the same as the time zone specified in your X-Cart store's Localization settings.

  4. Contact your hosting service provider's technical support team to perform the server environment setup required for your X-Cart store to use Turn14.

  5. Obtain your API credentials for Turn14 Distribution and save them in your Turn14 Distribution integration settings. For details, see:

  6. The import of prices from Turn14 Distribution is possible only in US Dollar. Consider whether you will need to perform currency conversion for prices imported from Turn14 Distribution and complete the necessary setup for currency and price conversion accordingly. See the guide on Setting up the Currency & Price Conversion for more details.

    Note that your store's default currency is specified in your store's Localization settings (Store > Localization, Currencies tab). For more information on X-Cart store configuration related to currencies, see Currency.

  7. Ensure that your X-Cart store features a Turn14 Distribution compatible catalog, comprising brands, categories, products, and product fitment data. You can import this catalog directly from Turn14 Distribution or acquire data from alternative sources, such as manual entry or importing from catalog providers like ASAP Network, AutoSync, or SEMA Data using X-Cart's auto integrations. Specific instructions for importing Turn14 Distribution catalog data can be found in the section Catalog Import and Management (Turn14 Distribution Integration). Documentation for importing data from other catalog providers is available within their respective X-Cart integration guides.

  8. If you wish to use automated catalog imports that will be done periodically on a schedule, configure a general import schedule that will be applied to all data imports from Turn14 Distribution. See Configuring the Import Schedule for Turn14 Distribution. Please note that it is possible to override the general import schedule settings on a per-brand basis. Also note that if you are using an alternative source for importing catalog data (for example, ASAP Network, AutoSync, or SEMA Data) and need the data in your catalog to be updated periodically from that source, you will also need to complete the import schedule configuration within the respective X-Cart auto integration (this may include a general import schedule for all brands and override rules for specific brands).

  9. Once the catalog data has been imported into your store, you can view it in your store's catalog. Please verify the consistency of your catalog data and make sure that the category, product, and fitment data are shown correctly on your store site. One of the essential tasks will be to check and adjust your store's category structure after it has been updated during the catalog import. You can find your store's list of categories on the Categories page (Catalog > Categories) in your X-Cart store's Admin area. It is possible to use category mapping. Don't forget to hide any categories you do not offer in your store. Note that if there are any new products imported into your X-Cart store with the status "Inactive" (as set in the Import Options), you will need to change their availability status to "Active" before your store's visitors will be able to see them. You may find it convenient to apply changes to multiple products at once by using the Bulk Editing feature.

  10. Check the imported products and adjust their status (active/inactive) and quantity in stock to reflect their actual availability. See Inventory Tracking for Turn14 Distribution Products.

  11. The tax setup when using Turn14 Distribution integration does not have any specifics. You simply configure taxes as usual.

  12. If you plan to have stock available for delivery from your store's own warehouse, complete the store configuration related to shipping. Ensure that you specify the address of your store's warehouse, from which products will be shipped to buyers, as your store's Ship-From address. Also, configure the shipping methods and rates that will be available for shipping products from your store's Ship-From address to buyers.

    If you do not plan to keep stock in your store's warehouse [which may be the case if you want Turn14 Distribution or product brand manufacturers to handle all orders for Turn14 Distribution products], you do not need to configure shipping in your store.

  13. If you wish to provide a free shipping option for orders over a certain amount, configure the settings related to free shipping. See Configuring Free Shipping on Orders over a Certain Amount.

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