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Learn where to view and manage product reviews and how to understand the review properties.

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Your store's Admin area provides a dedicated page for product reviews - the Reviews page (Catalog > Reviews) where a store admin can view and manage them:

Reviews for individual products can also be viewed and managed via the Product Reviews tab of a respective product details page:

In each of the locations mentioned earlier, product reviews are presented in a table. For each review, the following information is available:

  • Product (This column is not present on the Product Reviews tab of the advanced product details): Name of the reviewed product.

  • Reviewer: Name (as specified by the user while creating the review) and email address of the user who submitted the review.

  • Review: The beginning of the comment about the product submitted by the reviewer in the review body. To view the entire text, hover a mouse on the review line or open the review for editing.

  • Rating: Star rating of the product as was specified by the reviewer.

  • Status: Review publication status (Published = The review is available online; Pending = The review is in moderation, and the administrator has yet to approve it for publication or reject).

  • Date: Date of the review submission.

  • SEO (This column is provided only on the Product Reviews tab of the advanced product details page): A checkbox allowing to include the review in the rich snippet shown for the product page when the page appears in search results by Google and other major search engines. See more info here.

The Reviews page (Catalog > Reviews) provides a filter above the reviews table, allowing you to filter reviews and search for specific reviews based on the product name, SKU, customer info, rating, review status, date range, and so on.

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