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Notifications On New Order Messages and Disputes
Notifications On New Order Messages and Disputes

Learn where to get notifications on the new messages and disputes from customers.

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Whenever a customer sends a message or opens a dispute, a store administrator will see a notification about it on the homepage of the store's Admin area:

To access the messages themselves, click the respective link ("Messages" or "Disputes"). It will forward you to the Messages page of your store Admin area (Orders -> Messages), where you can process incoming requests from your customers:

Another way to see incoming order messages is when working with the order details. While on the order details page, you will know you have new unread messages/disputes submitted regarding the current order if a small number label displays next to the Messages tab title. The number on the label will show the number of unread messages.

X-Cart will notify you about any new messages/disputes via email.

A store administrator receives notifications on the email address specified in the "Sales department emails" field in the Store Profile.

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