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Getting Started with X-Payments Cloud in X-Cart
Getting Started with X-Payments Cloud in X-Cart

Learn how to configure the X-Payments Cloud connection and access the X-Payments Cloud Admin panel

Written by Anna Verbichenko
Updated this week

This article is to help you get started using X-Payments Cloud once your X-Cart 5 store has been connected to X-Payments Cloud.

To begin with, you should configure your X-Payments Cloud and the payment methods you are going to use.

It is also a good idea to check your Store Settings and adjust them as you require.

While working on your X-Payments Cloud configuration via your X-Cart store's Admin area, you may find that your edit session is about to expire or has expired. To resume full access to editing, follow the instructions for unlocking your account access:

To work on the configuration of the advanced features of X-Payments Cloud, you will need to access it via the standalone admin panel. Instructions for how to access the standalone X-Payments Cloud admin panel are available here:

If you want to sell subscription products in your store, you will also need to do some configuration related to Subscriptions Management. For more information on that see:

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