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Learn how to do a product search and set filters in your store catalog.

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A store admin can filter the product list in the Admin area by specifying the necessary parameters in the search form:

The form contains more fields than are immediately visible. You can quickly expand the form by clicking on the "Advanced filters" arrow to access all the areas.

NOTE: The set of filters available to you in the search form may differ from what you see in the screenshot above, as it depends on the set of add-ons and features enabled in your store.

For constant use, a store admin can create filter sets to facilitate products search. For this purpose:

  • Select the required search parameters and click Search.

  • Click Save filter and specify the name.

  • Click Save.

The newly created filter will display above the search bar. Now you can use it to repeat the search any time you need it.

The Clear fields button removes any filters set previously.

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