X-Cart allows you to sell different types of products.

You can create products manually, by import, or by creating copies of existing products (see cloning).

In any case, you can specify all the product information you require by adjusting the product details and advanced product settings.

All the products that you have in your store can be managed via the store's back end. For example, it is possible to:

  • view products as a list and find specific products using search/filtering;

  • edit products;

  • temporarily disable/re-enable products;

  • delete products;

  • clone products;

  • export products;

  • import product information.

If you have many products, there are ways to manage them in bulk.

Products can be joined into groups for different purposes - like categories and product classes or tax classes.

If you need to specify product information for which there are no standard fields in the product details form (like when you sell the same style of T-shirts in different sizes and colors and need to provide buyers with a way to select the size and color they require, or when you need to provide a detailed specification for each of the technical devices in your product catalog so shoppers can filter the catalog and find a device that will best suit their needs), you can use product attributes or variants.

X-Cart has many product-oriented add-ons that extend the basic product management features and enhance the shopper experience for your store visitors. Take a look at some of our popular user manuals for product-related X-Cart add-ons:

You can find many more add-ons in X-Cart App Store.

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